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Northbridge Junior Baseball League

All Star Selection Process

Northbridge Junior Baseball League will field the following All Star Travel Teams:

·        12 Year Old Cal Ripken 50/70
·        11 Year Old Cal Ripken 50/70
·        10 Year Old Cal Ripken 46/60
·          9 Year Old Cal Ripken 46/60           
The NJBL All-Star Coordinator will be responsible for all communications with tournament directors.
  • A commitment letter will be given to all parents outlining the costs and commitment required. If they are unable to meet the commitment requirements their child will be removed from all star consideration.
  • A  fee will be assessed for each player, and will be outlined at the time of the all star selection process. This will help to defray the tournament and uniform costs. 
  • All players and parents agree to represent the Town of Northbridge and Northbridge Junior Baseball League in the best manner possible.
  • If a player and parent agrees to the all star commitment and misses a minimum number of games they will be ruled ineligible for future all star consideration. This does not apply to injury or another board approved reason.
Selection Criteria:
Players will be selected, for the Cal Ripken All-Star teams, using the following criteria at a meeting to be held in May of each season. Attending this meeting will be the manager of every Major league and AAA league team. The selection criteria are:
·        Skill Level
·        Attitude
·        The ability to represent Northbridge Junior Baseball League in the best manner possible both on and off the field.
·        Position Needs
·        Commitment to all star schedule
 Selection Process:
Players will be selected for the Cal Ripken All-Star teams using the following process:
  • Player selection will be held by age with the 12 year old team going first, followed by the 11 year olds, then 10 year old team and finishing with the 9 year old team.
  • Each Major League Manager will represent each 12 year old on his/her roster that he/she believes is deserving of consideration. The manager should be prepared to talk about the player’s skill and attitude. The coach should also bring all statistics to back up his recommendations.
  • Once each team manager has spoken each manager will vote for 10 players from that age group. There will only be one vote per team. This will be the major league manager or his designate.
  • This voting will be held by secret ballot with a NJBL Board member tallying the votes.
  • The top 10 will be added to the team with the next 2 added as alternates.
  • The all star head coach will have 2 wildcard selections to add to the team. He will be encouraged to select the alternates but this is not mandated. All wildcard selections are subject to NJLB board approval.
  • In the event that a player is injured or unable to play in the minimum required games for a tournament, the alternate will be assigned to the team. This could be for 1 tournament or for the entire schedule.
  • No details of this meeting will be leaked to any players or individuals nor will any vote totals be announced.
  • The team rosters will be posted at
Head Coach Selection Process:
The All star managers will be selected using the following process:
  •  Anyone may submit their name for consideration.
  • The manager must have a child playing for the team.

The following criteria will be used to select the head coach:
  •  Ability to represent Northbridge Junior Baseball League in the best manner possible.
  • The ability to communicate with parents and other coaches about sensitive issues like playing time, positions etc.
  • Coaching ability
  • Baseball Knowledge
  • Past commitment to league functions.
Once selected, the manager will submit 2 assistant coaches’ names to the board for approval.
The assistant coaches must have a child on the team.

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